Friday, 23 April 2010

An Honest Blog Award

I have just received an 'honest blog' award from Kathi Kelly at Three little arrows. Kathi is a great friend of mine at City Church Leeds, she has been an inspiration and a strength to me throughout my time in Leeds! According to the rules I have to write ten honest facts about myself and then pass the scrap onto ten others.

I don't usually do these things, but since I've been low on inspiration recently it's a good way to get writing again. Here goes:

1) I'm not very good at baring my soul. When people do those ice-breakers where you have to say something people don't know about you, I've caught myself on more than one occasion trying to think of what I can say that is the least personal- not really the point! I'm getting better at it though, as I hope this exercise will prove.

2) Songs are very emotive to me, and are the way to my heart. "Mr Brightside" evokes genuine fear inside me, and I can't really explain why that is. Songs also bring back memories of periods of my life, and sometimes I find myself surprised by how much I've moved on since a period when listening to a particular song that was prevalent at that time.

3) I would love to learn a language. I am currently trying to learn German but without much success- self-motivation was never my strong point. Maybe I'll take classes in September. I can, however, buy fabric and order a hand-stitched dress in Nepali.

4) I have many international friends, and no longer take it for granted that a person's first language is English. We live in a multi-cultural country.

5) I believe in Jesus and follow the teachings of the Bible, although at times I have shied away from the term 'Christian' because of some of the connotations it holds for many people. I think maybe that's just my attempt at being cool though. I'd love to be a cool alternative Christian but I find myself disappointingly mainstream. I've even been to a Jesusculture-related event.

6) I spent 4 months in Nepal last year volunteering as a speech and language therapist. It was awesome.

7) I have been paid to watch Justin Timberlake, Take That, James Morrison and Simply Red (oh yes!) in concert, among others. Stewarding is an awful job, but it gave me some amazing experiences and I met such a range of people you wouldn't imagine. It was a fun period of my life.

8) Sudoku is my answer to Buddhist meditation. It is such a good way to clear my mind when I'm stressed and upset- it takes all of my concentration and by the time it's finished I'm all chilled out again! Give it a go :)

9) I missed out on the last general election by 3 weeks. This year I'm definitely going to vote!!

10) My head doesn't think in straight lines, and that is usually reflected in the state of my bedroom- chaos! Any other room I can keep tidy. Deep down I'm an organised person- I love the thought of labelled folders for all my papers and a place for everything, but I just don't work that way and I've stopped condemning myself for it. I get things done on time when it matters- that's enough!

That was unbelievably difficult! The next part is to pass on the award to 10 other people but I'm not that prolific of a blog-reader and two blogs that I do read have already received the award! So I'll just have a short list, but check them out because there's some good stuff out there:
And those who have already written their honest scraps:
Thank you for reading. *takes a bow*