Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Not Writing


Yesterday was due to be a 'Writing Tuesday'. I had actually thought about this one in advance and done some writing in a notebook earmarked for the purpose last week. But this week I have the flu, and today we have moved house, and I just do not have the brain space to be able to edit what I scribbled down and share it with you. I'm sorry. The prompt was this:

When you have a free morning, how do you take advantage of this time? How does this kind of morning differ from a morning filled with important things to do and why?

I'd love to hear what makes a perfect morning for you in the comments! When all this is over and my brain is working again I'll enjoy reading through, and next month I will be back up and running with prompts and trying to push myself again. I think maybe there was just a bit too much new, all at once.

Thank you, readers, for being lovely :-)