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I'm Becca.

In November 2013 I married Pete, and we're already discovering that marriage is an adventure. Discovering too that we started getting married long before that special day, and will continue becoming married for many years to come.

In May 2016 our first child was born. Wow- it's been a roller coaster already! 

I'm a Speech and Language Therapist. In all that I do and involve myself in, I believe the skills and knowledge I have gained in training and work have been given me for a purpose. I'm on maternity leave at the moment but I work with children and young people with complex needs and learning disabilities. It's great.

I'm a children's worker and youth group leader in my spare time. I feel utterly inadequate most of the time, and rely wholeheartedly in that scripture: 'My strength is perfected in your weakness'. Every day.

In all I do, I follow the One who made me, the One who has taught us to love because he loved us first, the One who holds everything together and gives all things purpose.

This blog is my outlet. Periodically I try to give it a theme but usually it's when I get an evening to myself, or a thought that just won't leave me alone, that it needs putting down here. I don't really write for an audience, but it would be nice to know if I have one! Comments, compliments and complaints welcome.

Here we are:

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