Thursday, 24 June 2010

To-Do Lists

I have so much to do I don't even know where to start, so I'm bypassing it all and writing a blog instead. This will be more of a diary post than an insight post but hey, that is where it all began.

I'm suddenly committed to loads of things. I'm enjoying it; it's fun; but I'm beginning to feel the responsibility that I don't want to let anyone down and I'm a little bit scared that I might.

Next Sunday (that's right, ten days away) I will be travelling down to London to work for an organisation called 'The Challenge'. They take 16-yr-olds who have just done their GCSEs and set them challenges they will achieve to teach them life skills, give them confidence in themselves and get them involved in their local communities. I'm going as a Residential Mentor. On week 2 of the 3-week program they stay in a halls of residence and do workshops each day (I've been assigned to enterprise!?!?!) so I will basically do that week with a group, then come back the next week and do it with another group, 4 times over. So basically by the end I'll be great at enterprise, shattered, and as one of my colleagues said, tough as nails. Maybe. This is a rubbish explanation but have a look at the website (above) for more flashy info. But that's okay. I've sent of all my child protection stuff so now all I really have to do is go down there and do what I'm told really.

In August is M:Powered. Despite the fact I will have just done something similar four times over, I'm really excited about it this year. I'm hopefully going to be leading a small group, I'm helping write some of the bible study notes and I really want to be able to sow into the delegates that are coming this summer. Gary and I are looking at journalling in preparation and this blog might be subject to some experimentation over the next month or so, but obviously a large amount of that time will be spent in London, and I don't want to lose momentum while I'm away. Who knows, maybe I'll gain some :)

Also, I'm the 'student worker' for City Church Leeds at the moment. Currently it's just a title as there aren't really any students with which to work but come September we need to really get the ball rolling. I spoke to a girl from Fusion today who was very encouraging, but lots needs thinking about and doing and setting in place before September, and I am going to be in London for all of July (and weekends in Sept, oops) and then at M-Powered for a week of August. So time is getting squeezed.

Also, I need to live. By live I mean earn enough money to eat, travel, put a roof over my head and fund some of the other crazy things I am involved in. I qualified as a Speech and Language Therapist almost a year ago now and I'm supposed to be starting a career sometime soon. I'd like to have a home where I could unpack and use my pressure cooker and hang up my calendar and have a craft box- that's been about a year too.

I think I need a PA. Someone whose mind works in straight lines and who can plan time and motivate me and stop me procrastinating. You will be paid in endless gratitude and perhaps some tasty treats of your preference. Any applicants?


  1. I would offer but since I need a PA myself I feel that it wouldn't be wise!!! You can do it! Writing stuff down is definitely the key, no matter how small the things are. Hopefully catch up tomorrow! x

  2. All the best Becca! I'm sure everything is gonna be ok! :) Let the glory be to our Lord! You're gonna do a great job! you're a smart lady!! God bless you! xoxo