Wednesday, 24 November 2010

The Simple Things

This afternoon I got an email from my housemate telling me about something good that had happened in her day. It was nothing important- just something nice that she wanted to share with me straight away! It's fun to get messages like that. 

It got me thinking about the highlight of my working day today. The best thing, and the reason why I stayed on ten minutes after my shift had finished, was that I made a cup of tea. 

Yes. I made a cup of tea. 

But this wasn't any old cup of tea, this was a nice cup of tea, in a blue cup, with two sugars!

I can see you're still not very impressed. But it was a wonderful moment. It was the moment I connected with a patient for the first time; the first smile; in fact the first food or drink he'd accepted all day. And it was a cup of tea (in a blue cup). And it was nice. And he enjoyed it. 

So I went home. My job there was done. 

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