Wednesday, 12 June 2013


Just come across this post I started writing over 2 years ago. It's still true, so here you go:

When I first started this blog, it wasn't meant to be a "Christian" thing. I was attempting something called "101 in 1001" where you set yourself 101 goals, and aim to achieve them in 1001 days. One of those goals was to keep a diary at least once a week, and I opted for the online sort. I'd had a livejournal when I was at school so figured it would work just the same. But there are a few more limitations to this blog, such as not being able to edit privacy settings on posts, which have changed my usage slightly. But to be honest there is another reason, which is that I find it increasingly difficult to describe my life without relating it to God! I try, but there is no aspect in which He is not fundamentally involved. And so here I am, resigned to the fact that however all-inclusive and accessible I try to be, my faith and love of God are inextricable from my reflections on life. I hope that's okay.

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