Friday, 13 September 2013

Mercy {Five Minute Friday}

I have to confess, I'm not quite all there today. Focussing on anything creative for 5 full minutes is a challenge, not least such an abstract concept. I'm feeling empty, but here's what's left:

Five Minute Friday


A lifeline
A hope
A dream not crushed
Love that can't be broken, even though we try so hard
A helping hand
A second, third, hundredth chance

Mercy is what rescues us when we've lost our way. Mercy given is what inspires us, no compels us to go out and rescue others. Mercy by its definition is not deserved, it is entirely unfair but it is just and right.



  1. beautifully said. Mercy is undeserved. But it is there... it compels us to reach out and offer it to others. It is was makes a sometimes bleak world beautiful and compassionate and kind. I love the simplicity of your post. The simple statement can sometimes speak more loudly and clearly than an entire essay.

  2. Your emptiness new exactly what to express about mercy :) Loved it!