Saturday, 25 October 2014

What a difference a month makes!

A month seems to go by so fast these days, and it's time for that slightly-odd blog game where I show you how many loose ends I've cut off this month:

I'm getting there! There is LOTS of black from my Dr Who stitching this month, a bit of gold from the Dalek and some grey from the elephants in Noah's Ark. So fairly monochromatic.

BUT... *drum roll* ... I have finished the design on the Dr Who sampler! Just the words and framing to go, it is VERY exciting. Here's where I was up to by last night:

I am really quite proud of myself, to be on track for finishing an entire project within 2 months. We are house-watching for Josh and his parents this week so I'm considering whether I can get it done and framed before they get back, as a welcome home gift. Anybody got any advice on framing? This is what size the aida was that I bought so there's not much space all the way around, I think I might have to take it to a professional for it to look acceptable.

You'll also notice I've bought a needle minder- it's amazing what it turns out you can't manage without when you get into a hobby! This beautiful wooden button came from planetvonnychops on etsy. So cute!

Once the Dr Who Sampler is done I'll have time to start some new projects. Maybe I'll blog some of my ideas in the next week, now I'm off to get buying materials!

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  1. Wow, it looks amazing! I love the border, the words should go quickly now.

    Are you framing it yourself? If you are then I would think about getting a mount that you can fix the fabric too the back of, rather than stretching it round a backing board as you usually would.

    1. Thanks! I was considering taking it to the pros but passed by the framing shop yesterday and it had closed down.

      Have you any idea where I would get that kind of mount from? This is the first time I've done a cross stitch as a gift so I'm feeling the pressure a bit!

  2. Cool sampler. I know some boys who'd like that!

    1. Thanks! I downloaded the pattern from etsy here:

      But if you do get it don't look to closely at mine or you'll see some of the silly mistakes I made!