Saturday, 10 January 2015

Just a little bit of panic

I'm having another attack of far too many ideas just when I'm not allowed to start anything else! I'm developing a mild degree of panic around the Noah's ark cross-stitch. The reason? The little beneficiary of this turns one in March and that is my self-inflicted deadline (it was meant to be a Christening gift but I started it the weekend of the Christening; Christmas has clearly been and gone). It's taken me four months so far and I'm still just short of halfway through the cross-stitching before I even start on the backstitch! Giving myself a few days leeway for framing, that leaves me with:

Eek! This may be the year of new, but there are no new projects allowed until this is done. After that, I really want to have a go at making one of these:

from Mollie at Wild Olive. It just seems topical. And it is beautiful.

Before I go, here's my first (nearly finished) make from my grown-up sewing machine! I jumped right in at the deep end but I think I got away with it. Just needs the buttons adding and it's done.

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  1. o no, a countdown! That would just stress me out even more. :D I liked the Wild Olive hanger too, it's so cute. Congrats on your first sewing finish, too. Yay for new!