Saturday, 27 December 2008


I got back to Liverpool on Tuesday evening, so pretty much had a day at home before Christmas struck. That's the latest I've been home and I'm not sure that I've really relaxed yet. Christmas was nice, but it occurred to me that we kept busy keep all of these traditions and didn't really stop to think and just be. Which probably would have been more appropriate.

But not to sound like a Scrooge- it was fun, we had what my Dad proclaimed to be 'the best Christmas dinner ever' (roast duck and lamb casserole), everyone loved their presents and Matt bought me the cutest little mp3 player shaped like mickey mouse. It's gorgeous!
I've just watched a program on BBC iplayer that I downloaded a while ago- it was a horizons program I think, called 'what time is it?' just because it looked quite interesting and philosophical about time and origins etc. In it they mentioned a picture, 'the ultra deep field' which is apparently the deepest view into space EVER, looking at galxies that are billions of lightyears away. The picture is here, and it's a new favourite- looking so far into the past, it's mind-blowing! I still haven't fully made up my mind on what I believe about timescales yet, but I don't think that as a Christian I'm limited to the earth being 6000 years old. Either way, it is beautiful.

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