Monday, 15 December 2008

Scatty and loved

Jesus loves me. He really does. I am SUCH a scatty person- for two weeks now I've been panicking about an assessment from my placement that I lost. It's kind of equivalent, on a micro scale, to that guy that left the CD with everyone's personal details on the tube. Breach of confidentiality and all that. So today I had another go, searching through every page in every file on my bookshelf. Just before I started AGAIN, I had a quick scan through a folder that I've been using every day for the past two weeks whilst essay-writing, and sure enough there it was! No breach of confidentiality, no failed placement, just a bit of poor timekeeping. But nobody's perfect.

In my jubilation I texted numerous coursemates to tell them the wonderful news and got a reply back saying that I am officially the luckiest person in the world! No jokes- I also had a phone call today to tell me that somebody has handed in my lost debit card, driving license and student card to the bank.

Sure I'm scatty. Sure I lose things in silly places and would save a whole lot of time if my head and my life followed some sensible order. But I think that maybe I was just made that way, maybe Jesus loves me not in spite of my scattiness, but he loves that bit just as much as the rest. He certainly seems to look after me, STAP, cards and all :)

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