Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Like, wow

So here I am, sat in the library with my laptop, feeling very efficient and important although both probably couldn’t be much further from the truth. Ah well. I’m taking up residence this week while I write this darned essay, although if only the academic psychological words would flow as easily as these rambling ones it would be over in an afternoon!

Soon I have to go and get some 3-month-old paint out of a carpet. I’m not convinced that it’s even possible but to work I will go and we’ll see what happens. Any ideas, anyone? Answers on a postcard :P

Also, on Sunday we prayed for my friend Tim. One of his legs was shorter than the other and it was affecting his walking and sports etc. So we prayed, and it grew! Here, in Leeds, we prayed for a leg and it grew in front of out eyes! Like, wow.

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