Monday, 16 February 2015

Gifted Gorgeousness

It’s been a busy weekend in our household as we’ve been up in Glasgow visiting friends and watching some Six Nations rugby in Edinburgh! I was never a sports fan before I got married and now I know more about more sports than I previously knew existed! Going to a match is good fun whether or not you really understand the rules (and I’m getting better…) because the atmosphere is great. Lots of sport on TV also means lots of stitching time for me and there are no prizes for guessing what my “Gifted Gorgeousness” post is going to be this month:

Yes, it’s very VERY nearly done! There are some birds flying over the top and of course the dreaded backstitching. But it will be a gorgeous gift, hopefully all done by next month’s check-in.

See you tomorrow for some writing time: I was hoping to have it all lined up and scheduled for the morning but we got back home later than planned tonight so it will probably be up after work, I’ll try harder next time!


  1. Thanks for taking part in GG this month. The Ark is looking great.
    I'm not a sports fan myself and luckily neither is hubby. We both prefer a good concert instead!

  2. I am also not a sports fan but vastly prefer the in-person scene instead of watching them on TV! The atmosphere is definitely more fun. :D

    You're so close and I bet the backstitching will go quickly. It's always fun to see the detail come to life with it.

  3. The ark looks great! Backstitching will really make it pop. What are sports?? ;)

  4. Looks good and the backstitchwill setit off nicely