Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Writing about... The Past {Writing Tuesdays}

So here we are. I do so wish I had one more week to start this. The weekend was crazy, last night was full. My husband started his new job today so I'm cooking tea, and pancakes, and I have some soup to make. We haven't unpacked yet, the house is a tip. I want to cycle to work tomorrow and then we're going to a wedding on Thursday night. Yes, it's busy. But hey ho, let's throw our minds back to days gone by. This week's prompt was:

If you could travel back to any time in the past, what date would you choose and why? Would you attempt to influence past events while you were there? Why or why not?

I definitely wouldn't change anything. I'm a big fan of all the little things that happen to pull together life as we know it. Kind of like the Butterfly Effect, or that piece on snowflakes I wrote a little while back. Sure I have regrets, people I've hurt and things I will never do again, but my life would be very different if it weren't for just one of those. In light of that, my 'moment' is one that I could never have imagined would land me where I am now.

It was a bright spring Saturday, and remarkably free of "to-do"s. In fact, it was a day that cried out for a game of tennis. After a lazy-ish morning I sent out a text to the people I thought I wouldn't mind spending the afternoon with. Claire, Beci, Beth, Esther, Pete? I didn't really know Pete but he seemed nice enough and the type who might say yes to some sporting activity. I knew he liked his bike.

The replies came back and there was no tennis to be had. Beci was away, Claire was at a community day down the road, Pete was awaiting a sofa delivery. But I was welcome to pop round for something to do after lunch. I wandered down to the community day and acquired a couple of strawberry plants that were being given away. Safely installed in the front yard, I bussed it across town.

It was a beautiful afternoon as the sun shone in the back garden, and we sat out for a couple of hours just talking about everything and nothing. Later we had a pub dinner with some mutual friends and I showed up my appalling lack of film knowledge. Then I went home, happy that my Saturday had been filled with nice people and good plants.

I'd love to travel back and look down on that day again now, on our first 'accidental date' before there was even a whisper of romance.Just to soak in the moment now I know it's significance. I'd love to hear what we talked about and how we got along, the stories we told each other. But I wouldn't change a thing.

How about you? I'd love to hear when you would travel back to. Is there something you wish you could change?

Post your stories (or a link to them) in the comments and we can have some fun reading.

Next time we'll write about the Present:
It's been said that to be happy, you have to live in the moment. Do you agree with that statement? Why or why not? How well do you think you live in the moment and why do you believe that?
 We'll answer that one on 3rd March!


  1. Hovv strange, vve both thought along similar lines. I vvonder hovv many other people have stories to tell about hovv they got togther vvith their partners?


  2. Opened a new place for my responses to {writing Tuesdays} :)

    1. https://www.tumblr.com/blog/writingtesdays

  3. What a lovely post :o)
    I love the thought of time travel.... but I think it would scare the pants off of me if I ever went back to the past.... all those roads, all those decisions that didn't get taken or made... although it would be nice to go back to those special moments with the knowledge of their significance to our lives today!
    Hugs xx