Friday, 6 February 2015

Launching "Writing Tuesdays"... on a Friday

Well, the response to my creative writing suggestion was overwhelming! (by overwhelming I mean I had two comments and one was from my mum, but that's still way above average)

I've decided I'm going to write on a prompt every two weeks (one week is unsustainable, a month and the momentum would soon be gone) and post what I've come up with on a Tuesday, along with the next prompt. It would be great if you have a go on the same theme, to share what you've written or a link in the comments. How does that sound, good?

If no one joins me I'll just keep writing.

Here's our first prompt:
If you could travel back to any time in the past, what date would you choose and why? Would you attempt to influence past events while you were there? Why or why not?
It feels a bit like a school essay title! Feel free to answer some or all of it, for you or an imaginary character. I'll post mine on Tuesday 17th February.

Finally, LOOK:

The boat is DONE! There are some zebras and birds on top of the animals you can see are missing, then the eyes and noses, then the water, then all the outlining. 39 days to go. 6 weekends. It's on.


  1. Wooo, congrats on surviving all that brown! I've always liked backstitching outlines and probably wouldn't have lasted as long as you did on the piece without stitching at least some of them ahaha. Go go go goooo. :D

  2. Hehe I'm not sorry to see the end of it! Back stitching is my least favourite, even though it makes all the difference to the picture I just find it really fiddly.

  3. And the other one was me! I'm sure I can come up with something to go with your prompt. My TUSAL is due on the 18th so I might combined the two. There's not much else to say about jars of ORTs after a while!
    Great progress on the Ark too. Another forty days and forty night should see it finished!